A manuscript by Chen CH et al. has been offically published by Clinical and Experimental Allergy on August 1, 2019:

Chen CH, Lee YL, Wu MH, Chen PJ, Wei TS, Tseng CI, Chen WJ* (2019): Sex-moderated interactions between IL4/IL13 pathway genes and prenatal environment on cord blood IgE levels. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 49: 1128-1138. [SCI]


A manuscript by Wang SH et al. has been offically published by Biological Psychiatry on July 1, 2019:

Wang SH, Hsiao PC, Yeh LL, Liu CM, Liu CC, Hwang TJ, Hsieh MH, Chien YL, Lin YT, Huang Y-T, Chen C-Y, Chandler SD, Faraone SV, Neale B, Glatt SJ, Tsuang MT, Hwu HG, Chen WJ* (2019): Advanced paternal age and early-onset of schizophrenia in sporadic cases: not confounded by parental polygenic risk to schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry 86: 56-64. [SCI]


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